Premier Edition - November/December 2008
Welcome to the perfect storm. Banks are failing, jobs are being lost and businesses are going bankrupt. Add to it the Sub-Prime housing debacle and you have the recipe for a RECESSION. 

Today we have a new tool to use to survive the “R” word and prosper afterwards. It is called GREEN. Sustainable solutions inherently do more with less thus save money. There are also new green markets exploding all around despite the economic downturn. In this our first edition, join us as we explore some basic principles and simple low cost green methods to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually on home office and business operating expenses. In these pages we learn why Grandma was Green, of new the multimillion dollar green market that is City of Phoenix Environmentally Preferred Purchasing, the Small Business Innovative Research Program, the Green Survival Initiative low income energy cost mitigation project, ASU Green Jazz and much, much, more. 

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How to Put Green to Work
How to Put Sustainability to Work
Volume 1. No. 1.
Saturday, November 1, 2008
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