Special Edition - April/May 2009
The recession has been hard, but because of it the flood gates have opened and the world is truly turning green. Leaders, industry and the public now understand that the plans they make save the future and the decisions they make to solve today’s problems are one in same thing. As stated in AzBusiness recently, Sustainability Works!
In this special double edition of Southwest Green magazine we begin our mission to showcase those people and companies who are creating and using sustainable solutions to improve the economy.
Volume 2. No. 1.
Wednesday, April 1, 2009
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Magazine Highlights:
14 Green Stimulus (Click here to listen)
In an exclusive podcast, Arizona SBA Director Robert Blaney discusses how to access the billions of dollars now available for small business.
26 CFL Disposal      
Compact Florescent Lights (CFL) save great amounts of energy and money. However, when they are old, or break, they must be disposed of properly. By Liz Paulus
30 Green it to Keep it
The job you save may be your own. In these days of uncertainty, companies are looking for the best ideas to stay in business. By Angela Brooks
47 Full Circle        Click here to read article
The new Valley Metro light rail is now moving passengers. But that is only the beginning of a story 68 years in the making. The story of Lula and Alice
By. George Brooks      
54 Green Phoenix
Mayor Phil Gordon’s plan to turn Phoenix into America’s Greenest City can benefit you, your home and your business. By George Brooks
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