Green Revival Initiative Distributes More Than $100,000 in Access to Savings and Services to 19 South Phoenix Families
In 2010 energy costs are going up. However, the Green Revival Initiative (GRI) is working to empower families to reduce the impact. On December 17th, 2009 the dream began as the GRI distributed more than $100,000 in access to green savings and services to 19 Families at the New Destiny Leadership Charter School, 1923 E. Broadway Rd in South Phoenix Arizona.
The goal of the Green Revival Initiative pilot program is to help lower the energy cost for 1,000 low-income homes in South Phoenix, improve the environment and return hundreds of thousands of dollars to the local economy to build jobs. Thanks to Southwest Gas providing the seed money and administered by the Southminster Social Service Agency, Green Revival is a partnership of Southminster, Southwest Gas, The City of Phoenix Neighborhood, Human and Environmental Services Departments, the Arizona Minority Business Enterprise Center, ASU, Keys Community Center, the Girl Scouts and Southwest Green.
The evening program convened with a gathering of the parents of students at New Destiny. Each of the 19 kits distributed contained 20 CFL light bulbs, 2 low flow showerheads donated by the City of Phoenix, a tire gage donated by the Girl Scouts, and a kitchen thermometer. In addition, each kit also contained access to energy cost reduction programs from Southwest Gas and the Salt River Project.  
Each bag also contained an application for the City of Phoenix Weatherization Program. For homes that qualify, the Weatherization Program works to reduce home energy consumption by adding insulation, installing energy efficient windows and doors, caulking cracks, putting on weather-stripping and much more. The bags also included instructions on how the SRP M-Power box or the new smart meters can help to save 10 to 15% monthly on a home power bill. To tie things together at the end, the Girl Scouts under the leadership of Ms. Tracy Williams, were present to provide assistance in installing the equipment or filling out forms. According to Dr. George B. Brooks, Jr., GRI and board of directors chair for Southminster Social Service, “For those who can take full advantage of everything provided, each kit contained more than $5,000 in access to savings and services.”
Gary Walters of Southwest Gas is enthusiastic about the program. “Customers can realize tremendous energy cost saving by implementing the GRI recommendations for use and installing the items within the kit. This partnership with GRI will help Southwest Gas to reduce our carbon footprint within the communities we serve.” Tim Bolling deputy director of the City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department added; “It’s a joy to really get out into the community and talk face to face to let folks know the things they can do to weatherize their home and save energy.”
The last word came from Dr. Barbra Tinsley the director of New Destiny. “The parents said the evening was outstanding. They all felt blessed because of so many benefits that they will be getting from using all the things they were given. It was wonderful.” For more information on the Green Revival Initiative contact Dr. George B. Brooks, Jr. at Southminster Social Service Agency 602-276-2582, (
Tracy Williams explains services offered by the Girl Scouts.
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Friday, January 15, 2010
Left to Right:  Dr. Barbara Tinsley & Joel Green (New Destiny), Monserrat Aragonez & Dr. George B. Brooks, Jr. (Southminster), Shawn Carpenter (New Destiny) Vikki Greene (Southminster) and Angela Brooks (Southwest Green)
Left to Right – Tim Bolling City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services and Gary Walters of Southwest Gas kick off the evening program at New Destiny Charter School.
Tracy Williams explains services offered by the Girl Scouts.